Head of Marketing

Sydney, Australia
Type of role
Applications close
Sep 30, 2020

The role

Dovetail has helped design, build and grow some of the most successful technology companies in Australasia (for example, we’ve helped Afterpay grow into a $20B+ business).

In addition, we invest into the clients we work with to ensure total alignment and this investment is shared across the entire team at Dovetail, meaning that everyone both gets paid a salary and builds up a portfolio of shares in the fast-growing companies that we work with.

This is an exciting new opportunity to take a brand that’s done some good work but needs some help getting the word out. We’re looking for someone to join us in our journey to help ambitious founders build great tech companies and create a brand that is ubiquitous in the Australasian tech scene.

We’re looking for someone who loves to write good content, knows how to create and optimise digital ads, and wants to have ownership over our entire marketing strategy. Ideally you’ve spent most of your career in digital marketing and are still close enough to the tools to be able to do a lot of the execution without relying on external resources – although we’re completely open to using third-parties when it makes sense (for example PR).

This is an in-house role doing marketing for Dovetail, not our clients, although from time to time you might be asked to provide guidance to one or more of the ventures we’re invested into.

For this particular role we're looking for someone based in Sydney or willing to relocate.


  • Evaluate our marketing work to date and drive our future marketing strategy
  • Create and run an organic search strategy (SEO / Content Marketing)
  • Work with our team to write content for case studies
  • Create and execute B2B lead generation strategies
  • Set up and monitor our spend on digital ads
  • Find (or create) events for members of the Dovetail team to speak at
  • Work with our PR firm to help get earned media for Dovetail
  • Maintain our social media presence

We have a type...

The kind of people we like to work with:

  • Are highly curious. They believe in continuous improvement, learning and knowledge.
  • Are one part pedant, one part pragmatic, zero parts jerk.
  • Are crafty like a fine carpenter, not a fox.
  • Have a favourite emoji, and can throw a shaka 🤙

What's #dovelife like?

We're a distributed team, split across Australia and New Zealand. We have nice offices in Hyde Park, Sydney and Auckland CBD. But flexibility has always been a part of Dovetail, so many of our staff work one or two days a week from home.

The people on your team may not be co-located with you — because of this we value people who are self-motivated and comfortable working in an asynchronous and distributed team.

We value learning and growth. Part of that is the Dovetail library: expense any book and share it with the team when you're done. We take time to do things the right way and encourage sharing you to bring your personality and interests to work.


Dovetail Ventures is an arm of the business where we found, invest in, or grow businesses. Working at Dovetail gives you ownership in current and future ventures. Several of our ventures have taken rounds of external funding and are in growth mode. So there's some real value there already.

And adventures

Since we're split across two countries, we like to get together face to face at least once a year as a company for a team retreat. Last year we went to Queenstown, New Zealand. Previous years we've gone to Indonesia and Costa Rica. We're still figuring out what to do with the whole "global pandemic" thing and retreats, but we'll sort something...